What we do

We record sounds, edit audio, and mix for a variety of media productions.

Pre-Production aligns your goals with our resources. Production makes the audio content you want. Post-Production enhances your audio content and sends back your deliverables.

Highlights from our past projects.


Here are our standard answers to typical questions.

It must be an important question, because it’s usually one of the first. If you are a producer or corporation with internal project planning, a rate card is available on request. We require “terms of service” agreements and PO numbers for term payments.

If you’re not exactly sure what you need….  Our standard reply:  It’s like buying a house.  We can sell you ANY house, but you need to set your goals and a budget range. Once we know these, we can make a plan and review a range of houses (project scope and process) that fit.

Our first conversation will start the pre-production process. We’ll talk about your project, help make a plan and understand your budget goals, and then we can provide an estimate free of charge.

Email info@thewavlab.com for more info.

Yes.  We excel at delivering high quality audio streaming from the studio. We do have Source Connect, and can operate with LTC sync to remote studios.

Yes.  We are expert in live streaming and can connect our live studio sessions with any remote producer or director. Remote participants can engage our recording sessions in real time. Talk with the VO talent in the booth. Hear our session in high quality audio. No problem.

We are currently not accepting internships or job applications.  But….   we do encourage you to schedule a tour or setup a Zoom call to discuss future opportunities.  We offer 1hr studio tours and “student workshops” and advice on education programs in our fields of interests to anyone who contacts the studio.

Our main recording studio services a wide range of media and corporate clients, and is not designed for freelance audio engineering.  Smaller rooms like Studio B can be rented for audio editing, mixing, and other select projects. Room includes use of speakers but not studio computers or other hardware. Visiting engineers must bring their own workstation.