Piano Impacts

From the ashes of a Wurlitzer baby grand piano, we bring you a unique sample library for media sound design. Perfect for suspense and horror in films and games. Surprisingly good at emulating distant artillery hits and other destruction. Crunches. Bangs. Metal scrapes. Wood shattered. Strings scraped with saws and performed with sledgehammers…  not felt.


Noise Box

Dig into the eerie depths of Noise Box. Sampled from the enigmatic ‘Moonlight’ made by Tetsuo Noise Box. This library offers 354 samples. Every part of the noise box is sampled as a one shot and useful for designing with metal hit and scrape sounds. Perfect starter material for crafting suspense, horror, and sci-fi atmospheres.


The WAV Lab Volume 01

A collection of several smaller category focused libraries. This bundle Includes SIX Micro Libraries: Basic Transportation, Doors & Drawers, Kenya Ambience, Outdoor Ambience, Plonk Percussion Hits, User Interface & Science Fiction


Plonk Percussion

Introducing the Plonk Percussion Hits Collection, a UNIQUE percussion sample package with over 200 sounds! Kick. Snare. Cymbals...   but all made using physical modeling synthesis. The results are familiar and sound like drums, but have unique qualities unlike samples of acoustic drums.


User Interface & Science Fiction

Elevate your user interface with this collection of over 100 separate sound effects for buttons, switches, and other interface elements. Recorded at high quality 24bit, 96kHz or 48kHz, using advanced analog and digital synthesizer techniques. The designs are then edited and tagged to help categorize each sound into action feedback and interface response to user input.


Doors & Drawers

Get the perfect sound effect for any door or drawer with this comprehensive collection of 100 individual WAV files recorded in high quality 24bit, 96kHz. Open. Close. Slam. Squeak. Locks and hinges. Sliding drawers and closing doors.


Basic Transportation

A small collection of basic transportation sounds for common travel.  No supercars.  No jet fly-by.  It's for that moment you need a mini van, or a train ride, or when you're stuck on a plane from Paris to Barcelona. Car sets included...  2017 Lexus ES350. 2014 Honda Odyssey. 2013 Volkswagen CC. 2017 Transit Connect van.


Urban & Outdoor Ambience

Immerse yourself in the bustling sounds of the city with this collection of urban and outdoor ambience sound effects. City parks and playgrounds. Intersections and fountain areas. Backyards and rural forest areas. 88 individual WAV files, recorded at 24bit, 96kHz or 48kHz.


Kenya Ambience

Take a journey to Kenya with this collection of authentic ambient sound effects, recorded on location in the country. With 80 individual WAV files recorded in mono at 24bit, 48kHz. Remote village. Midsized markets. Nature soundscapes. The streets of Nairobi.